How the selection of staff is implemented
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Response to an open position
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Interviews with the HR of the company and the Head of the department
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Recruitment for a position
  • Organizing and maintaining documents of legal entities;
  • Developing draft official documents;
  • Control over the execution of orders using the Electronic Document Management System, preparation of reports on performance discipline;
  • Organizing the plant archive maintenance (nomenclature, preparation of cases for transfer to the archive);
  • Organizing and managing the recruitment and onboarding process;
  • Ensuring HR files and records maintenance in accordance with the current statutory provisions of the Republic of Poland;
  • Implementing the employee evaluation system, developing evaluation criteria and methods, organizing employee performance reviews;
  • Payroll planning, management and control and participating in the creation of employee incentive schemes;
  • Legal services for contractual relations with counterparties at the stage of conclusion, amendment and termination of contracts, including contracts with foreign counterparties;
  • Legal service for employer-employee relationship with the company’s personnel;
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining all types of permits;
  • Conducting claim-related work in the company: drafting complaints and lawsuits;

• Arranging transportation of goods from the Supplier to the company’s warehouses, as well as from the company’s warehouses to non-local customers, delivery cost calculation;
• Communicating with the Supplier and the Forwarder on delivery-related issues;
• Monitoring registration of transport documents, delivery to the customs terminal, unloading of goods;

  • Launching corporate orders for the admission, transfer, relocation and dismissal of SPE employees.
  • Conducting the recruitment process.
  • Entering employee data in the Optima, updating them as needed, forming a personal file.
  • Registering new employees in the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).
  • Reception of deliveries to the warehouse and preparation of goods for shipment;
  • Complete set of goods according to specification, purpose and other characteristics;
  • Preparation of shipping documentation before shipment of goods;
  • Storage of goods in accordance with the instructions;
  • Maintaining cleanliness in the warehouse.
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