We are interested in investing in talented employees who can effectively influence the overall result
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High corporate culture
A well-coordinated team will help to quickly adapt and establish interaction within the team.
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Opportunities for learning and development
Each employee has the opportunity to maximize their abilities through annual training.
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Career opportunities
The company has created transparent conditions for maximum career growth: each employee has the opportunity to grow to the level of a top manager of the company.
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Flexible system of motivation
Our company uses a flexible system to motivate staff: both the individual achievements of the employee and his contribution to the team result are taken into account.
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Our operating principles
Positive thinking
When solving work tasks, employees rely on positive experience (their own and the team), their own capabilities and resources.
The foundation of any relationship. Having received a credit of trust, employees have a different attitude to tasks and can do what they thought they were not even capable of.
Mutual respect
In our team, colleagues with different characters and views on work issues respect each other.
The desire to get the maximum result at the expense of the minimum resources spent.
Continuous improvement
Our philosophy is to strive to improve all operational factors associated with the transformation process.
Our office
Brwinów, ul. Św. Józefa 1, 05-840 Brwinów
4 vacancies open right now
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