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EDCON batteries are designed for comfortable and safe use in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. They are a powerful driving force when starting engines and a reliable source of power for a growing number of modern vehicle electronic systems and devices.
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EDCON Batteries
Produced using modern technologies on the lines of world leaders in the manufacture of lead batteries in:
Czech Republic
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For passenger cars
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For commercial vehicles
Advantages of EDCON Ca/Ca
Increased efficiency +30% thanks to Ca-Ultra calcium technology
100% overcharge protection with Ca-Heavy Duty technology
3 times lower self-discharge rate
Maintenance-free battery convenience with Ca-Easy Care
Takes on bad roads and off-road thanks to Ca-Shield technology
Warranty - 2 years
EDCON technologies
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Ca-Shield and Ca-Easy Care
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The use of impact-resistant plastic in the construction of the body and the alloying of the electrode plates using the special Ca-Shield technology increase the reliability and vibration resistance of the battery.
Calcium-containing lead plates are reliably protected from corrosion by Ca-Easy Care technology, which eliminates the need for topping up water and creates a completely maintenance-free battery.
Ca-Ultra and Ca-Heavy Duty
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The use of Ca-Ultra calcium technology has increased the capacity and efficiency of the battery by increasing the number of thinner negative plates.
Intelligent calcium-lead alloy Ca-Heavy Duty protects the battery from overcharging. This technology allows you to triple the self-discharge time of batteries!
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Advantages EDCON AGM
Confident engine start at extremely low temperatures
3 times longer cycle life than conventional battery
Complies with Start-Stop system requirements, basic or advanced (with regenerative braking)
Sales markets for Edcon
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German batteries produced under the eDCon brand, are manufactured on high-tech automated lines with the use of advanced technologies (Ca-Shield, Ca-Easy Care, Ca-Ultra, Hybrid+). The starter batteries are certified and their quality is confirmed by a warranty.

The model range of the eDCon batteries comprises 41 items. These are batteries for passenger cars and commercial vehicles with a capacity of 35-225 Ah and a cold scroll current of 300-1200 A. The models are distinguished by size and polarity.

Advantages of eDCon Batteries

  • A wide range of products that allows you to choose a starter battery for a coupe or a hatchback, as well as for an SUV, pickup and chassis with a large load capacity.
  • Maintenance-free batteries.
  • Resistance to vibration and mechanical damage due to the use of heat-resistant shockproof housing plastic and alloy plates.
  • Resistance to self-discharge.
  • Overcharge protection.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Increased battery efficiency.
  • Protection against premature plate wear.
  • Extended service life.

Wholesale of eDCon batteries is carried out by the official supplier, the SPEurope brend. We offer favourable terms of cooperation and deliver batteries all over the world.

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