About brand STELLOX
About brand STELLOX
The Stellox brand is represented on the market by the company Texco FZE, which sells spare parts around the world.
The central office-warehouse of the company is located in the city of Bielefeld(Germany), a piece cargo warehouse in Warsaw (Poland).
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More than 58,000 items in 616 product groups
Passenger cars
40 050
Product groups
Commercial vehicles
18 000
Product groups
Passenger cars program
Suspension and steering
Driveline and engine
Cooling system
Engine power system
Brake system
Commercial vehicles program
Cooling system
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STELLOX catalog
For convenience and reduction of selection time:
The service contains descriptions, specifications, photographs of spare parts, information on vehicle application and interchangeability.
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Represented in more than 30 countries around the world
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2 years warranty with unlimited mileage
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Quality control of raw materials and blanks at all stages of production
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Strict compliance with the requirements of world standards ISO 9001, TS/ISO 16949, ISO 14001, ECE R90, ECER 37
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Worldwide sales amounted to more than 200,000,000 euros in 2022
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Fair prices for every detail
12 countries of production
Sales markets for STELLOX
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Stellox auto parts

The brand Stellox is one of the largest manufacturers of spare parts for passenger cars and trucks. The products are manufactured at innovative production sites with high-quality raw materials. They are certified for compliance with ISO, ECE R90 and ECER37 standards. Stellox auto parts are subject to strict quality control and mandatory testing.

Stellox auto parts advantages

  • Wide range. The manufacturer’s range includes units and assemblies for steering and cooling systems, brake system, suspension, electrics, transmission and ignition system. The truck range also covers fifth wheel and cabin components. The brand also offers consumables, including filters.
  • The warranty period is 12 to 24 months (no mileage limit).
  • Regular inspections of production sites.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Annual sales volume is over 120 million euros. Auto parts are available in 20 countries around the world.

Stellox auto parts are sold by the wholesale supplier SPEurope. The official distributor provides worldwide order delivery and offers favourable financial terms and conditions of cooperation.

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