Return conditions
Claims on over-deliveries and short-deliveries are accepted within 7 business days from the receipt of the goods by the client.
Period of 24 months for goods intended for passenger cars, counting from the date of purchase of goods by the direct user of the vehicle.

A period of 12 months for goods intended for motorcycles, taxis, ambulances, police vehicles, vans and trucks, starting from the date of purchase of the goods by the direct user of the vehicle.
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Product Warranty
Warranty only covers items that are replaced by a qualified workshop under the correct treatment.
It is very important that the part to be replaced for a specific vehicle matches the parts catalog. The warranty is not provided for adapted parts not listed by the customer in the catalog.

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In the event of a complaint
When making a claim, for quality issues, the customer must provide the following information:
The reason for claim:
  • manufacturing defects;
  • discrepancy between the declared parameters and applicability;
  • during operation, the part became unusable within the warranty period declared by the manufacturer.
A completed claim form of the established form. A scanned act must be provided with the signature of the responsible person on the part of the client and the seal of the company.
Photos of the part that must meet the following requirements:
  • the photo should be of good quality, which will show the damage: broken, there is no technical hole, the mount is damaged, etc.), which will be photo evidence when considering the appeal;
  • photo of the engraving, which is on spare parts;
  • photo of product packaging with label.
* If it is impossible to confirm the damage/flaw from the photo, then you need to request a video.
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